The Malaysian Airline Disaster

by Giles Shorter

The tragic loss has been reported of a Malaysian passenger plane carrying 285 people flying over the east of Ukraine. Though it has yet to be established even whether the crash was an accident or the result of an attack, the media are already manipulating the tragedy to suit the propaganda requirements of imperialism.

The fascist junta in Kiev, without pausing for breath or advancing a shred of evidence, has accused both Russia and the self-defence militias of bringing the plane down, charges which have been repudiated by both parties. A spokesman for the self-defence militias has pointed out that, with the weapons at their disposal, they cannot shoot anything higher than 3,000 metres. The stricken plane was reportedly flying at 10,000 metres, over three times that altitude. The spokesman went on to point the finger at the Kiev junta.

Murderous attacks continue to be launched by Kiev against the besieged population of south and east Ukraine, with frequent military air transports replenishing the crackdown with fresh stormtroopers and war materiel. A number of these war planes have been successfully downed by the militias. The resistance has nothing whatever to gain by attacking a civilian aircraft.

It is imperialism, and the local fascist stooges of imperialism, which have trampled on democracy and turned Ukraine into a war zone, not the embattled citizens of the south and east. It is those same agencies which continue to indiscriminately bomb and shell “their own people”, thereby compromising the safety of anyone passing through or over the territory. It is imperialism, and the dogs of war unleashed by imperialism, that must be held to account for all the innocent lives that are being wasted, not least those of the airline passengers.

The war propagandists will make cynical use of this tragedy to demonise the anti-fascist resistance and undermine solidarity with the resistance struggle. Now of all times is the moment to redouble our support for Donetsk and Lugansk.

Solidarity with the anti-fascist resistance! People of Lugansk and people of Donetsk, we are with you! Down with the imperialist media!

17 July 2014

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