Up date on weekly picket

It seems that the growing weekly picket of the BBC in Whiteladies Road is starting to rattle them. Last Monday a security guy came out to complain about us having our banners duck-taped to the wall, telling us we had to take them down as the wall was private property. What’s more, he added ominously, the police had been informed. The banners stayed up and we waited to see what would happen next. About 20 minutes later a squad car arrived and two young coppers got out. They asked us politely what kind of response we were getting from the public, what it was about, and were we getting any problems. No, no problems we said, and they departed, saying cheerily “Any problems, just give us a ring”.

The banners stayed up and there was no further peep to be heard from the BBC. We did notice though that a BBC employee who came out for a smoke and a chat was quickly ushered back into the building by security. Maybe the BBC is getting uncomfortable about being held to account for its vile coverage of Ukraine.

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